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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Apply for Financial Aid

Get assistance when completing the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through our Financial Aid Office. 


Disbursements & Refunds

Learn about when your financial aid will disburse and how you can get refunds from excess financial aid. 


Student Loans

Trying to figure out the differences between various loans? We’ll help you understand your options when it comes to federal and private education loans. 


Work-Study Programs

Make extra money during the school year and summertime by participating in a Federal Work-Study Program or by completing a FAFSA application to be considered for part-time employment. 



Grants which do not require repayment are available through the Office of Financial Aid. See if you’re eligible for one of our state or federal grants.  


Other Financial Assistance Programs

In addition to grants and student loans, we offer even more financial assistance plans. Find one that’s the right fit for you. 



Before diving into the world of financial aid, make sure you’ve read and understand the policies. 


Bookstore Credit

Any excess financial aid you may have can be turned into bookstore credit that you can use to purchase books, course materials, and other classroom supplies. 



LCCC offers more than 90 programs to help you earn your degree or start a new career.

Academic Advising

Meet with an advisor to help you plan your academic career at LCCC.

Academic Calendar

Stay informed about upcoming important dates and deadlines.